Luminar Sessions

Real conversations with women in all levels of entrepreneurship

Alexis Stroman / Founder of Rincon Cult

Watch our conversation with Alexis, owner of the eco-conscious shop Rincon Cult. Her mission is to promote environmental safety by encouraging the purchase of secondhand curated clothing pieces. Alexis also shares her experience as a “sidepreneur” with an introvert personality.
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Gabriela Durán / Founder of Boca Ciega

Finding your market and brand identity is vital to the successful development of your business. In this conversation with Gabriela Durán, we talk about the importance of identifying your market and developing a memorable branding, as well as her experience incorporating these elements into her accessories shop.
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Erica de los Reyes / Founder of Light Lines

Starting a shop from scratch is not an easy journey. Watch our conversation with Erica, where she talks about her positive and negative experiences during the process of developing her illustration, prints and printable shop.
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