About Luminar

We are not just a community, we are a movement. LUMINAR Project provides direct support to women who are currently starting or growing a business, and have limited access to start-up oriented platforms that have difficult-to-meet standards. We are a research center that provides answers to the everyday business questions of entrepreneurs, freelancers, bloggers, YouTubers, influencers, and others.

What we do for you

Share your story

Promote your work

Write thoughts to inspire you

Strengthen your collaboration network

Provide tools that answer your business-related questions

Foster your business competitiveness in global markets

Our culture

We celebrate diversity, unity, and ethical collaborations between women entrepreneurs. LUMINAR embraces all kinds of businesses and encourages that women work together to overcome day-to-day obstacles and break prevailing barriers. The social, economic, and cultural standards that may exist, should not hinder the pursuit of our dreams and aspirations. We believe that women should pursue their own light and motivate others to do the same.

How it all started

LUMINAR Project was born from the desire to help women accomplish their dreams of building independent careers and businesses. Elaine’s vision originated from the challenges she experienced while developing her commercial photography business in Los Angeles. Her colleagues faced the same difficulties working in other industries, given that many platforms that existed provided limited support and answers to questions that were frequently present. Elaine recognized that there was a real need to create a community that not only provided direct support to women entrepreneurs, but that also redefined what it meant to be a businesswoman today. She brought the idea to Kerenny, who shared similar concerns working in the finance industry in Puerto Rico, and both gave life to what is now LUMINAR Project.


LUMINAR is currently based in Puerto Rico and Los Angeles.

Meet the Team

Kerenny Torres

Kerenny Torres


Project Hub Manager

Operations Director


Elaine Torres

Elaine Torres


Social Media Manager

Editor in Chief of The Luminary

Creative Director

Camila Pavía

Camila Pavía

Content Creator

Operations Assistant


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