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Linarys Ortega / Stop Motion Animator

Watch our conversation with Linarys Ortega, a stop motion animator based in Los Angeles. Linarys tells us about her experience in this specific industry and the challenges she encountered through her career as a “freelancer”.


Original articles written by industry professionals on subjects regarding the technical, creative and psychological aspects of running a business.

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Luminar Women of the Week

Estefany Arias / Owner & Founder of Gentle Riot / Paramount, CA

I am the owner of Gentle Riot, a weird girl streetwear brand focusing on celebrating women of color in all aspects of their personality. I created the brand because I grew up loving fashion, obsessively reading Vogue, but never seeing women of color represented. I wanted to create a space that celebrated all those womxn out there, living their own lives and on their own terms.


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Camila Merino / Co-Founder of Lattuga Organics / San Juan, PR

My sister and I decided to create a line of organic products for personal care, since our mother has nursed a conscience for healthy and eco-friendly foods and products. A very important memory is when our mom took us to the beach bringing with her jars with olive oil, black sugar and honey and we performed our rituals of beauty and purification in the sea. We always loved to invent at home with recipes and when we created “Cafexfoliante”, we knew we wanted to share it with the world. Lattuga Organics was born of that passion for finding natural and effective solutions for daily care. My work varies between managing the administrative part of the business, carrying out all production, packaging and distribution, managing communication with clients, running our accounts on social networks, etc. The success of the “Cafexfoliante” has kept me busy, but the vision has always been bigger and is working to develop other products, always focused on highlighting some ingredient of our beautiful Island. It is rather uphill to do everything alone; I would love to find someone to connect with this mission and join the Lattuga Organics team.


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